Make the difficult simple (20/3/2017)

  • Make the difficult simple
  • Make the simple habitual.
  • Make the habitual artful.

I don’t know who created these original quotes. I saw them accidentally today on Quora but these principles are what 2cexam was built on.

I created 2cexam.com because people are struggling with the vocational exam and because of its profitability. I tried to provide products which explain complicated legal concepts and financial terms from a layman’s angle. As an examination consultant, I decided to make these issues as painless as possible. Our job is to help and not to inflict pain.

  • If reading is too difficult? Fine. I will make a video for you.
  • If reading the manual is too time-consuming? Fine, I will give you Q&A to help you study.
  • If asking for exemptions about licensing a waste of time? Fine, I will give you card.

Doing so requires a lot of effort. It does not take a genius to create over 50 videos and over 15 books in Chinese and English. It takes consistency and the ambition to go on. The first step is always hard, and frogs are just hard to swallow. Once you break the inertia to make amendments and improvements, the efforts will snowball itself.

Repetitive tasks are tedious and boring. Efforts must be made to ensure a new angle or perspective is there to make it a challenge. You can kill boredom with problems, and nothing beats the euphoria of conquering a challenge.