Visiting Algorithmic Trading Group (ATG) (8/3/2015)

I was visiting the Algorithmic Trading Group (ATG) on 4/3/2015. ATG is a rarity in Hong Kong in a sense that they welcome new trades to join them and trade their house money. Traders are expected to build models which can trade stocks globally to generate profit for the firm and himself. Most financial shops in Hong Kong are looking for sales to increase their AUM rather than trading profitably.

The ATG office is a very hip and the trading floor is more like an internet cafe. Yet the atmosphere was tense like any trading floor, with the commander in chief – Tom Voute standing at the cockpit. They even have a pinball machine in the office, and dont be mistaken, its not for show and tell. It actually looks like a playground. If you are interested in seeing the trading floor, you can check out their website, they have a live camera showing you the actual trading floor.

They are currently planning to trade in

  • MIL
  • BATS
  • OMX
  • OSX
  • Warsaw
  • JSE

Basically, Tom is looking for programmers with

  • C# Programming Skills
  • Java

Interns and talented youngsters are also welcome, should you are interested to meet with Tom. They do not value financial abilities, rather they are looking for math majors or CS individuals.

They are currently running

  • Delta 0 Strategies
  • HFT Strategies

They don’t conduct directional trades.

I met Tom Voute, the founder of ATF on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+TomVoute, Tom is quite a character with a cynical sense of humor. You should follow him if you like cynical jokes about Hong Kong and the Netherlands.