Advice on Writing to Quincy Wong (10Jan2015)

Dear Quincy,

I read your article on http://www.am730.com.hk/column-244806.

It’s very nice you keep on writing on these articles, writing stimulates ones brain.

Just a little suggestion, I think you should focus on promoting your blog. Your reception in AM730 is less popular than your blog on money. If you can blend in how the commercialization has benefited running as a culture, it will be interesting.

You can also include more picture in the blog to make it more inteteresting. You can reference www.jamesaltucher.com or www.conradko.com He is a great writer and very successful in drawing eyeballs.

However, do you have plans to publish these blogs on your own? I noticed that Convoy published a books to promote the company which was distributed in major book chains. However, the reception was not good. Therefore, I suggest you not to keep publish it.

Keep on writing and I hope to see more in the future.

Conrad Ko