Letter to Nestle Waters (18/7/2015)


Dear Bruno Le Ciclé,

I’ve been meaning to contact you. I would like to draw your attention to the recent lead-in-drinking-water crisis in Hong Kong. A lot of the water pipes in Hong Kong homes are polluted by lead, that means drinking water is no longer safe. In the coming weeks, the government of Hong Kong and the media is going to investigate whether there are more buildings are affected by lead in pipes.

By uncovering more lead affected pipes, the fear is going to ramp up the demand for bottled water in Hong Kong.

However, if you noticed, as of now nestle water has no presence in Hong Kong. It is the perfect entry point to tap into the bottled water business in Hong Kong since the demand will soon outstrip supply in Hong Kong and the rest of the players are very mature bureaucratic and not responsive.

In the short run, Nestle bottled water can import water from other south east Asian countries. In the long run, nestle can acquire local players or build from scratch.

The existing big players in the market are

  • AS Watsons Group
  • Swire Group
  • Tiptop Water Group
  • Vitasoy Group
  • Jackal Porter Group.

I have no idea why nestle is not in the market as of now.

Therefore I would like to know if you and the other members of the executive committee will be interested in doing so. I am also writing to the other members of the executive committee. If you are or your fellow are interested, feel free to contact me since I am interested to represent nestle in bottled water related projects in Hong Kong.

Being attached is my contact.

Conrad Ko


Phone: +852 93475637

18 Jul 2015