How to find appropriate keywords for SEO? (Part 2)(31Jan2015)

As a response to my earlier article How to find appropriate keywords for SEO? (15Jan2015), more weeks have gone by and it seems that there are some good results being  generated from the keywords. Let me show you some examples.

We have implemented the keywords from research on different local forums into a series of blogposts on the website as “Cases Sharing” (個案分享)

  • 村屋
  • 居屋
  • 私樓
  • 唐樓
  • 辦公室
  • 商場
  • 工厦

個案分享 Archives - 寬頻報價王 Broadband HK


The objective of this case sharing is to provide keywords for the search engines to index. So when a user search for a specific site or specific type of service, the search engine will more likely show results from this site.

For example, if I search for 常盛街 寬頻, the first result that shows up is a case by Broadbandhk.com. That’s brilliant, but why? How did it happen?

常盛街 寬頻 - Google Search


It’s because the words are well recieved by the search engine, so when the user asks for pages that contain the words 寬頻 and 常盛街, this result seems to contain the highest number of these keywords compared to other competitors, in that case, Google believes this is the most relevant result and shows it as the first result.

私樓 網上行 家居寬頻上網 - 何文田常盛街常康園 (D00156) - 寬頻報價王 Broadband HK


Therefore, as this example shows, keyword density is one of the parameters used by search engines to  rank search results. In other words, if you have more keywords the user is searching for in your webpage/post/article, the search engine will rank your results higher than those of  the competitors.





How to find appropriate keywords for SEO? (15Jan2015)

(Written by Conrad Ko, Edited by Margaret Jarvis)

寬頻討論 - 香港討論區 Discuss.com.hk - 香討.香港 No.1

(Source: http://computer.discuss.com.hk/forumdisplay.php?fid=115)

To do a good SEO, it’s very important to know what the vocabulary of your audience is, instead of the official keywords. For example, for a technician in the field HKBN 300M Residential Broadband is the official keyword, however in the audience description it will be “香港寬頻 300M 上網”. If you include Residential Broadband as keyword in your post, it will not generate enough audience if the client is searching for  香港寬頻300M, because the computer will not know HKBN and 上網 are basically the same idea. In that case, always use the client’s terminology in your post and marketing materials, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.


How do we find out what keywords the clients are using?

To learn more about client keywords, I suggest you to go to the top forums and discussion groups, read the headlines, highlight the keywords they are using. In the following list, I have listed some keywords commonly used in the field of broadband. In promoting future posts of Broadbandhk.com, I will try to use these keywords as much as possible to boost the rankings of Broadbandhk.com on search engines.


  • 寬頻
  • 家居電話
  • 固網電話
  • 上網
  • Pre-Paid 卡
  • 數據卡


  • 村屋
  • 局屋


  • 網上行
  • HKBN
  • 香港寬頻
  • Netvigator


  • 安裝費


  • 完約
  • 續30個月

Johnson is smart.


The implementation of “Free for all” (7Jan2015)

(Written by Conrad Ko, Edited by Margaret Jarvis)

Since its inception, Broadbandhk.com has been facing a serious bottleneck, that is there was too much admin work related to the quotation and selling process. Prior to implementing the “Free for all” model, Broadbandhk.com has to gather information from sales and consolidate it into a comprehensive quotation and sell it to the client.

The old work flow

  1. Client call or email Broadbandhk.com
  2. Broadbandhk.com answer the call or contact the client to confirm his address and needs
  3. Broadbandhk.com pass on the address and needs of the client to sales
  4. Sales provide price and coverage details to Broadbandhk.com
  5. Broadbandhk.com consolidate the information and sell plans to the client.
  6. Broadbandhk.com ask sales to confirm installation details with clients
  7. Closing

The problems with this model are

As a result, I suggested to David that he adopt what I call a “Free for all”  model. In this “Free for all” model, Broadbandhk.com no longer has to deal with the selling process. Rather the sales of each company calls the clients directly, therefore, there’s less work to be done at the Broadbandhk.com end.

The “Free for all” model

  1. Clients call or email Broadbandhk.com
  2. Broadbandhk.com answer the call or contact the client to confirm his address and needs
  3. Broadbandhk.com pass on the address and needs of the client to sales
  4. Sales provide price and coverage details to clients and sell plans to the client directly
  5. Closing

The benefits of “Free for all” model

  • 2 fewer steps to be done
  • Higher trust level (Since the telecom companies are well known)
  • No sales role and coordination work at  Broadbandhk.coms end.
  • No lead time in each order
  • 3-4X chance of closing a deal, since the client has been  approached by 4 different sales representatives from different broadband companies.

(Note: Since the inception of such a model, the revenue of Broadbandhk.com has risen by 150% and average time per case has dropped  by over 50%- this is a significant pivot point for the business – Conrad Ko 14/Jan/2015)


The implementation of Blogpost SEO (6Jan2015)

To generate more organic traffic for Broadbandhk.com, Broadbandhk has to implement some strategies. Given the nature of the Broadband Broking Business, Broadbandhk handles 30-50 calls per day in which 3-4 cases per day can be completed.



Customers who are searching for Broadband related information are searching for

  • Location
  • Speed Available
  • Price (Yes, Chinese Consumers are ultra price sensitive)

So I suggested Broadbandhk.com to use these data to compile a series of blogposts, so that for each case, a blogpost will be created. The search engine will automatically index these details of the post.I will use the following case as an example. 

香港寬頻 商業寬頻服務 - 荃灣金熊工業大廈 (C20150105J) - 寬頻報價王 Broadband HK


This is a case of business broadband service in Tsuen Wan. The Address, Service Provider, Speed and Price will be indexed into the search engine, so next time someone searches for “荃灣金熊工業中心"and "寬頻". It is very likely the site will pop up.

金熊工業中心 寬頻 - Google 搜尋

Any SEO expert and GURU will tell you to implement very complicated strategies. However, a knowledge of the industry is the most important part of SEO.0





Advice to Broadband HK (31Dec2014)

Improvement on Phone Manner

  • Use a soft tone of voice and a slower pace of speech, by slowing down the pace of speech; Broadbandhk can dominate the conversation easily.
  • Always repeat what the customer says and what you say, the more repetitive you are; the more trustworthy you are.
  • Confirm every detail the customer provides to avoid careless mistakes and confusion.

Improvement on client generation

  • Provide phone related instructions to clients to generate value for clients and obtain contact information for cross sell.
  • Provide coupons and related promotion schemes to existing clients to seduce them into buying more products from Broadbandhk.

Improvement on website development

  • Provide case price and details on the website for better SEO and cross sale opportunities.