Make the difficult simple (20/3/2017)

  • Make the difficult simple
  • Make the simple habitual.
  • Make the habitual artful.

I don’t know who created these original quotes. I saw them accidentally today on Quora but these principles are what 2cexam was built on.

I created 2cexam.com because people are struggling with the vocational exam and because of its profitability. I tried to provide products which explain complicated legal concepts and financial terms from a layman’s angle. As an examination consultant, I decided to make these issues as painless as possible. Our job is to help and not to inflict pain.

  • If reading is too difficult? Fine. I will make a video for you.
  • If reading the manual is too time-consuming? Fine, I will give you Q&A to help you study.
  • If asking for exemptions about licensing a waste of time? Fine, I will give you card.

Doing so requires a lot of effort. It does not take a genius to create over 50 videos and over 15 books in Chinese and English. It takes consistency and the ambition to go on. The first step is always hard, and frogs are just hard to swallow. Once you break the inertia to make amendments and improvements, the efforts will snowball itself.

Repetitive tasks are tedious and boring. Efforts must be made to ensure a new angle or perspective is there to make it a challenge. You can kill boredom with problems, and nothing beats the euphoria of conquering a challenge.


Business Development Executives WANTED (2/8/2016)

Business Development Executives WANTED

  • Company: Bitmex
  • Title: Business Development Executive

Job Responsibilities

  • Answer customer support tickets.
  • Interact with customers and provide real-time support on various social media and instant messaging platforms.
  • Acquire new users in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore through online community outreach.
  • Attention to detail.
  • A passion for the financial markets.
  • Ability to express oneself clearly and confidently.

Job Requirements

  • A University degree in Economics, Business, Finance, Accounting, or related degree. Degree holders who did course work in Financial Derivatives are preferred.
  • Fresh graduates accepted.
  • Fluent written and spoken English, Mandarin (Traditional and Simplified), and Cantonese (not required, but a plus).
  • Employee will be required to work 4-5, 8 hour long shifts covering the customer support tickets and live chats per week. Employee will periodically work overnight and on weekends depending on the weekly schedule.

Job Training & Career Development

  • Full-time employees will be offered on-going financial products and sales training delivered by the CEO.
  • Employees will become knowledgeable about FinTech, the digital currency industry, and financial derivatives trading.



Candidates can learn more about Bitmex from the following links

Bitmex Website



He left a cushy finance job to build the Goldman Sachs of Bitcoin



Ex-Citi Trader’s Bitcoin Exchange Skirts Currency Curbs



Getting Bitcoin Away From Its Bad Name – Buying USD, A50 Futures with Bitcoin



For more information, candidates can contact Mr. Arthur Hayes from Bitmex


Arthur Hayes- CEO of Bitmex

  • +85251994964
  • arthur@bitmex.com

Lessons learn (6/7/2016)

Pakistan Star is the winner of a Happy Valley Race on 1/7/2016. Pakistan Star made a couple of errors before winning the race:

Late Start

It began very slowly to be conspicuously last after 100 meters but it only got worse from there, as he struggled to stay in touch with the field and drifted to some five or six lengths behind the second-last horse at the 800 meter mark.

Wrong Path

It chose a seemingly wrong path by  choosing to outside. This is a great challenge to conventional wisdom. Since the inner rail is much shorter the the outer rail. Going the outer rail will always means going further to achieve the same position.

Losing at the starting line (a.k.a. win before ejaculation)

By not giving up, even if you are losing by a significant distance, you can still catch up if you play the game cleverly. As long as you don’t give up, there are still a lot of fighting chances.

Outside Ring Loser 

By not following the typical peck, Pakistan was able to surpass the pack by unleashing a very amazing sprint at the very end. If it tried to play the game that the other horses are playing, he might not be able to surpass anyone since its advances will be blocked by other horses, leaving its strength go to waste.

The lesson learned is, when you are losing and trying to catch up, don’t try to play the games that others are playing. Instead, maneuver yourself and position yourself cleverly to take advantage of your strength.



Importance of cover design (3/7/2016)




Which of the books above are most attractive to you?


Of course its the orange book. Its a study manual for Licensing Examination for Securities and Futures Intermediaries Paper 1 – Fundamentals of Securities and Futures Regulation (Second Edition). It’s no surprise to me that it has become the most popular book since the mid 2009. Before the introduction of this book, there are a few more competitors with relatively “professional” but boring cover.

證券及期貨從業員資格考試全攻略  1take過

Sometimes being low tech is and advantage. Readers who is holding a physical book is actually a moving billboard in the examination center. That’s something that cannot be replace or replicated by electronic device, app or software.



The need to be bad enough (25/5/2016)

HK_Toyota_Comfort_Red_Taxi (1)

When I was reading newspaper and blog posting these few days, a lot of news have revolved around the subject of the first official “Taxi App” .  I am referring to these two articles in particular

Hong Kong cabbies seek to revamp image with taxi-hailing app amid rising competition – Rachel Blundy 22/5/2016 (SCMP)

實試 100% Call 的失敗 ! 的士業議會「的士 App」評測 + 司機專訪 – 23/5/2016 (Unwire)

I was quite surprised that the Taxi Council, a professional organization that represent the interest of the Taxi Industry of Hong Kong has launch such an app. I cannot understand why they are launching it now, since its not in their agenda to do so and the chance of failure of this app will be pretty high.

I am highly skeptical of the popularity of this app since

  • Most taxi drivers are middle age men who are not necessarily good in technology. Registering an account and actually using it might be a challenge for most people. If the drivers are not using it, no passengers will be using it since it will be useless to hail with a taxi app when there are no taxi to be hailed.
  • Most Hongkies are not comfortable with technology let alone using it on their mobile devices. Most Hongkies are also impatient and are always in a hurry. I suspect they would not be patient enough to use such an app.
  • The market is already flooded with Taxi hailing alternatives such as the Mainland backed Kuaidi, CallTaxi, Easy Taxi, HK Taxi…

Given such low

My conspiracy is that the Taxi Council is trying to develop a marginally usable app to discourage the use of technology in the industry. By making this app bad enough, users of the app will not be able to use it let alone reuse it in the near futures. These unpleasant experience will also result in the dist interest in the alternatives, since most people cannot differentiate one Taxi app to another, if one is bad, most Hongkies will assume all of them are bad. If the app is bad enough and the usage rate is low enough, they can use this as piece of evidence and prove that technology is ill prepared for Hong Kong’s taxi industry.

By proving this, they can apply pressure on the government to ban newer apps and market disrupters such as uber, lyft and all that western startup.

To download the app you can go to

Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.autotoll.taxiPassengers&hl=zh_HK

Contary to these useless apps, the one thing I really think would be useful would be an official location translator for Hong Kong. That is the user can pick a building or a street number in his/her mother tongue and utilize the translation function of the app to communicate with the driver or passerby to ensure there are no miscommunication. There are already apps for that, check it out

Hong Kong Taxi Cards – https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/hong-kong-taxi-cards/id683353582?mt=8

Hong Kong Taxi Translator –  https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/hong-kong-taxi-translator/id438401655?mt=8




Regulations in Hong Kong that suffocate innovation in financial technology

Hong Kong: What are some “broken” regulations in Hong Kong that suffocate innovation in financial technology?

To answer this question, we have to figure out whether innovation in financial technology has suffocated and if “broken” regulations in Hong Kong has caused that suffocation.

It’s pretty safe to say e-commerce or any advancement in Fin Tech in Hong Kong is dead. That is because Hong Kong prudence attitude towards finance. To innovate and encourage innovations means more work, and no on on earth wants more work unless he is a nut or have vested interest.  Most bureaucrat who are in-charge of finance in Hong Kong have no idea how internet works and what are the implications. They do not believe its worth the time to change the system to cater to these technological advancements.  This I believe is a form of myopia based on what has happened in their up bringing, from rag to riches because of labor intensive low tech venture instead of high tech ones.

However, to put the blame entirely on regulators and bureaucrats are unwise. Its never the regulations that is suffocating innovation in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world. If there’s money, people will do it. Government regulates prostitutes and drugs with a handful or ordinances, yet it flourishes in Hong Kong with flying colors.

The biggest hurdle towards innovations in Hong Kong is because of what I call the Chinese mentality.

Due to the early development of internet in Hong Kong. Locals can easily equate (Internet= paradise of scam artist=not trust worthy).

On top of that, locals Chinese like myself are infamous for creating scams, so level of trust in Hong Kong is fairly low.

When we are in business and we do not know the party very well, we perform top level “due diligence”, even for a few dollars of purchase. They do not mind 2-3 hours of travel to save a few penny. Time is not a precious rarity in the mentality of local. The most important thing is not to be taken advantage of, even with a high opportunity cost. When there’s a choice between phone and online. Phone is preferred. When there’s a choice between phone and brick, brick over phone any day.

As you can see there are a lot of automatic ordering machines, no local Chinese will use it when given a choice.

Locals will discuss whether a shop is pricey or not and discuss for days before making a purchase, the more they discuss, the less impulses there are as usual. And if they do want to make the purchase, hey hong kong is a small place, why dont i just walk down the street and use this price online to bargain with the shop owner instead of shopping online.

As you can see this is a vicious cycle, with little people preferring technology, no one will be interested in investing in anything. That means poor technology and even less willingness to use it.  Most websites in Hong Kong are not updated in ages. Even if they are functional, people will assume its out of date, guess what will they do? They will find a phone number and call it until its off the hook.

“As a side note, you can read my blog “Chinese Obsession with Fixed Line Phones

Hong Kong is the low tech capital of the world, to deter any complains, governmental organizations encourage people to use facsimile, since facsimile cost money, no one will complain and its another easy day for bureaucrats. And lets not forget, if you hang up the phone by “accident”, no facsimile will be received and everyone will be happily ever after.

However, if one is brave enough, its very profitable to turn high tech proposition like online testings, online material and turn it into profitable offline products in Hong Kong.


Letter to Nestle Waters (18/7/2015)


Dear Bruno Le Ciclé,

I’ve been meaning to contact you. I would like to draw your attention to the recent lead-in-drinking-water crisis in Hong Kong. A lot of the water pipes in Hong Kong homes are polluted by lead, that means drinking water is no longer safe. In the coming weeks, the government of Hong Kong and the media is going to investigate whether there are more buildings are affected by lead in pipes.

By uncovering more lead affected pipes, the fear is going to ramp up the demand for bottled water in Hong Kong.

However, if you noticed, as of now nestle water has no presence in Hong Kong. It is the perfect entry point to tap into the bottled water business in Hong Kong since the demand will soon outstrip supply in Hong Kong and the rest of the players are very mature bureaucratic and not responsive.

In the short run, Nestle bottled water can import water from other south east Asian countries. In the long run, nestle can acquire local players or build from scratch.

The existing big players in the market are

  • AS Watsons Group
  • Swire Group
  • Tiptop Water Group
  • Vitasoy Group
  • Jackal Porter Group.

I have no idea why nestle is not in the market as of now.

Therefore I would like to know if you and the other members of the executive committee will be interested in doing so. I am also writing to the other members of the executive committee. If you are or your fellow are interested, feel free to contact me since I am interested to represent nestle in bottled water related projects in Hong Kong.

Being attached is my contact.

Conrad Ko


Phone: +852 93475637

18 Jul 2015