Lessons learn (6/7/2016)

Pakistan Star is the winner of a Happy Valley Race on 1/7/2016. Pakistan Star made a couple of errors before winning the race:

Late Start

It began very slowly to be conspicuously last after 100 meters but it only got worse from there, as he struggled to stay in touch with the field and drifted to some five or six lengths behind the second-last horse at the 800 meter mark.

Wrong Path

It chose a seemingly wrong path by  choosing to outside. This is a great challenge to conventional wisdom. Since the inner rail is much shorter the the outer rail. Going the outer rail will always means going further to achieve the same position.

Losing at the starting line (a.k.a. win before ejaculation)

By not giving up, even if you are losing by a significant distance, you can still catch up if you play the game cleverly. As long as you don’t give up, there are still a lot of fighting chances.

Outside Ring Loser 

By not following the typical peck, Pakistan was able to surpass the pack by unleashing a very amazing sprint at the very end. If it tried to play the game that the other horses are playing, he might not be able to surpass anyone since its advances will be blocked by other horses, leaving its strength go to waste.

The lesson learned is, when you are losing and trying to catch up, don’t try to play the games that others are playing. Instead, maneuver yourself and position yourself cleverly to take advantage of your strength.


Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.

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