How to crack the “literate illiterate”? (14/4/2015)

In my ordinary course of business, a lot of people are what I called functional dyslexic or literate illiterate (識字文盲).


Literate illiterate are people who are socially functional human beings, which means they have no problems in day to day task. However, when it comes to reading, they perform very poorly.

In most cases, they have the following problems:

  • Bad memory: If a sentence is broken up into two parts, once they get to the second part of the sentence, they cannot recall the first part, thus is unable to form a coherent idea.
  • Poor Reasoning: They know the meanings of words in a sentence but they are not able to form a functional idea of what the sentence is about because they are not accustomed to logic.
  • Laziness: They just don’t spend enough time and attention reading the sentence word by word, they claim they do, but honestly they don’t.

These problems can be solved by having a graphical representation.

  • By having a graphical representation, a 100 word description can be shrank down to one single image, thus saving space and memory, they do not need to memorize what has happened. They just need to look at a single image and find connections in between. Thus, solving the problem of bad memory.
  • By having an image, the reader does not have to know the meaning of the words, they can just see the picture, it will be so easy even a child can do it.
  • By having pictures, its much easier to motivate individuals into reading your materials, who like to read words when there’s a picture right.

In our modern day society, most of the individual I know are literate illiterate, they spend 15 years in school but they can’t perform basic reading tasks. So to take advantage of this situation and do good to the society. I believe a lot of academic material can be better conveyed if they are in graphical format. Due to academic inflation, I believe its much easier to provide graphical illustration to academic materials like HKSI, IIQE, CFA, FRM if they are in graphical format.

A study by the National Academy of Sciences also resonate my view, pictures are assuming more power in the learning process, especially with younger people. The dominance of visual media in everything from computer games to Instagram has given words a more subservient status.

The most successful illustrator I believe would be Tsai Chih Chung (Chinese: 蔡志忠), what he does was that he comicfy the Chinese classics teachings into a comical manner. Who the fuck wants to read “Kongzi” 孔子。



Do you know any comify artist

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.

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