Startup Postmortem – Startup Faliure (14Feb2015)

Since 2010s, the start-up scene in Hong Kong has grown substantially, however, the phrase start-up is common used as an excuse for failure. I have always criticized people for saying “it has failed because this is a start up.” “we failed because we are in Hong Kong”, in my opinion, the only reason you fail is that your business is not fit for the environment, no one  is interested in your product for the price you are charging, period.

When I was searching for start up failures in Hong Kong out of curiosity, I come across Startup Postmortem  (Postmortem.hk) when it was over. Startup Postmortem  is a gathering and sharing event dedicated for failed start-up founders and owners alike, or what they called a start-up failure conference


Startup Postmortem has come up with a list of Youtube Videos and I think anyone interested in the subject should take a look at.



Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.

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