Coworking Romance in Hong Kong (1Feb2015)

(Written by Conrad Ko, Edited by Margaret Jarvis)

How many lonely hearts are there in Hong Kong? It’s a tough question for many. According to statistics, there are many more women than men in Hong Kong. In 2009 there were 907 men for every 1,000 women in the city. Nevertheless, there are so few stories about finding the perfect match in the city, that it is very discouraging on both sides.

The top reason on the list is that there are not enough venues and occasions to meet a high quality partner. The fact is, most Honkies go straight home to bed after work, leaving no time for meetups, cocktails, buffets or other social mingle time. The more single you are, the more time you devote to work, creating a vicious cycle. Since you have nothing to develop, apart from your career.

Be honest, you want guys or girls, not work. So how can you break this vicious cycle? The answer is blatantly simple, find a guy or girl during your working hours, two birds one stone. What a great solution! .As a matter of fact, there are tons of opportunities in the work place. But for the sake of this article, I would like to introduce a new concept – Coworking Romance. To be exact, romance developing in coworking spaces in Hong Kong.

Having a Coworking romance is actually a very good idea, because working for a start-up itself screens out a lot of low quality girls and guys. It certainly screened me out, as I am a Chinese and I am frugal enough not to spend dollars on it. But let’s be honest, you want the lavish ladybird or sugar daddy, right?

From my POV (generalization, bias, BS), my Coworking Space filter will reveal people with the following qualities.


• People who speak near native English. People who work in Coworking Space in Hong Kong are generally educated abroad, or come from an expatriate background. So if you want to find your perfect Snow Man or the Pearl of the Orient who actually speaks English, this is the way to go.

• People who can afford to pay 3-5k a month for nothing. People in Coworking Space in Hong Kong are generally young energetic rich kids or semi-retired professionals who are looking for a second career. Obviously these people do not need a job to feed their family. What does that mean to you as a girl or guy? It means that if you date this bloke or pony, you are going to spend less on dining and other expenses, you might even get a free ride to fine dinng venues in Hong Kong. Again, remember? Two Birds one Stone.

• People who are hip and good looking. People in Coworking Space need recognition from others, that’s why they work at coworking space and not at home in their pyjamas. Since they are involved in the relentless pursuit of looking good, they generally have good taste in fashion and food.

• People who are looking for a moon shot. People in Coworking Space have dreams beyond their reach, ATM, they go for the moon shot. That is if you date them and eventually start a relationship with them, you might become a trophy winner or have a ticket to a future ATM.

• People who actually have the time to develop romance. People in Coworking Space do not have a boss at their back. That means they have more time to do what they want at their own discretion, be it romance, affairs or rendezvous. They most certainly have this priceless asset – Time.

Venue wise, Coworking space is especially good for workplace romance, why?

Photo Gallery _ the Hive Hong Kong Coworking Space _ the Hive (2) Photo Gallery _ the Hive Hong Kong Coworking Space _ the Hive (1)

• It’s usually quiet, not a lot of background noise, perfect for brewing ambiance. In a traditional Chinese office, the only thing you hear is swearing and phones ringing, which are the worst enemies of romance. However, in this romanticized working utopia, you have a no-phone policy, or a quiet policy. Which means there are no sounds, only eye contact, the perfect ingredient in starting affairs… Hmm I mean love.

• It’s usually well decorated with elegant wood finish. Lots of chairs and sofas. Most Chinese offices are decorated with partition board, plastic partitions and metallic plates. Whereas in a coworking space, you are surrounded by heart-warming cozy wood, which means you want to lie down and take a rest more often, usually means more cuddling.

• It’s not dry, you can consume alcohol on the premises. In a traditional Chinese Office, nothing other than water is provided. Why, you might ask? As frugal as the Chinese are, why do they provide water? The answer to that is, it’s required by law, although the boss may be tempted to put amphetamines in the water to boost workplace productivity. In a Coworking space, they actually encourage you to drink – the more booze you have, the more likely you will want to stay in this utopia, which equals higher profit for the coworking space owner. And remember as Shakespeare said, “If wine be the food of love, drink on.” The more wine there is, the more love there is, naturally.

• You can smoke, love is in the air. You cannot smoke in a regular office without waiting for 5 minutes to go down in the lift, and then up in the lift again, which means no time for private conversation. Whereas in some coworking spaces in Wan Chai, you can get outdoors to smoke in seconds. The craving for nicotine is a perfect excuse for a few minutes of cuddling.

Given our hints, what are you waiting for? Go to a coworking space on the weekend to hunt for your Prince Charming immediately. Ok I will give you a list now:

Top 10 Co-Working Spaces Places For Parents To Plug-In Apr 03, 2014 – http://www.littlestepsasia.com/hong-kong/articles/play/top-10-co-working-spaces


Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.


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  2. Just a few comments:
    “People in Coworking Space in Hong Kong are generally young energetic rich kids or are semi retired professionals who are looking for a second career.”
    – that’s just so not true! Most of the coworkers are not “rich kids” nor semi retired professionals. I think this sounds quite negative. Usually, yes they are successful professionals, easy-going and great guys, but not rich.

    “You can smoke, love is in the air.” – Oh man, c’mon, it’s 2014, smoking is not cool! 🙂

    • It’s meant to be a joke. Most of the time, I try to be as cynical as possible. LOL. I wish I have stayed at a Co-working space and find romance there. I am out of luck, as a Chinese Merchant, I have to rely on the good old phone to conduct business. I absolutely do not like picking up the phone. But if the Chinese were given a choice between phone and email, it will be a no brainier. How did you learn about my site Zsolt?

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