How to find appropriate keywords for SEO? (Part 2)(31Jan2015)

As a response to my earlier article How to find appropriate keywords for SEO? (15Jan2015), more weeks have gone by and it seems that there are some good results being  generated from the keywords. Let me show you some examples.

We have implemented the keywords from research on different local forums into a series of blogposts on the website as “Cases Sharing” (個案分享)

  • 村屋
  • 居屋
  • 私樓
  • 唐樓
  • 辦公室
  • 商場
  • 工厦

個案分享 Archives - 寬頻報價王 Broadband HK


The objective of this case sharing is to provide keywords for the search engines to index. So when a user search for a specific site or specific type of service, the search engine will more likely show results from this site.

For example, if I search for 常盛街 寬頻, the first result that shows up is a case by Broadbandhk.com. That’s brilliant, but why? How did it happen?

常盛街 寬頻 - Google Search


It’s because the words are well recieved by the search engine, so when the user asks for pages that contain the words 寬頻 and 常盛街, this result seems to contain the highest number of these keywords compared to other competitors, in that case, Google believes this is the most relevant result and shows it as the first result.

私樓 網上行 家居寬頻上網 - 何文田常盛街常康園 (D00156) - 寬頻報價王 Broadband HK


Therefore, as this example shows, keyword density is one of the parameters used by search engines to  rank search results. In other words, if you have more keywords the user is searching for in your webpage/post/article, the search engine will rank your results higher than those of  the competitors.




Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.

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