Buy an internet property (domain name) in Hong Kong? (9Jan2015)

(Written by Conrad Ko, Edited by Margaret Jarvis)


Its not easy to buy any commercial real estate in Hong Kong with its sky high prices.

So have you consider buying Internet Real Estate?

ust like property in real life, a domain name is a piece of Internet Real Estate. Because it is unique and permanent. A domain name is a unique name that identifies an internet resource such as a website. It is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control on the Internet.
An example of a domain name is www.conradko.com. You can access www.conradko.com because I registered a domain name called www.conradko.com. If I want people to access my site with www.conradko.net then I will have to buy www.conradko.net. If www.conradko.net is owned by someone, I will have to buy it, because it’s someone else’s turf.

Conradko.com Whois Lookup - Who.is - Who.is


However, no one really cares about Conrad Ko unless I do something extraordinary in the next few years. Therefore, conradko.net is not registered by anyone. As of now, when people search for conrad ko, it is very likely this website will pop up on Google because of its high similarity with the keywords “conrad ko”. However, if one day one of my fans wants to be conrad ko himself, he will be interested in my site and want to own www.conradko.com, then what he can do is:

• wait for me to stop using this domain name
• buy it from me so that he can own it and use it

Why do people invest in domain names?

So you may say, why would I ever want to buy domain names? If you are an online store, you will want people to be able to search for you easily. If you sell cars and you name your website cheapcars.com, a lot of people who search for “cheap cars” will see your site on any search engine.

Other competitors in the field of selling automobiles will also want your domain name, but if they want to use it, they will have to buy it from you. Although it’s unlikely you will sell it to them. As a result they might register similar domain names like cheapcars.net, cheapcars.org.

Since people go online and search for products every day, having a good domain name will increase your online presence sort of like an online billboard.

With the online population growing each year, a good domain will appreciate over time as demand grows. Therefore, domain name investment is worthwhile if you have a good eye for domain names.
As a result a lot of investors wanting a portfolio of Internet Real Estate occupy the 5th Avenue, or Bond Street of the internet world. That’s why domain investing has been a sport since the dawn of the internet.
If you are interested in the subject you can visit:

http://www.domaininvesting.com/ – A blog about domain investment


Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.

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