The implementation of Blogpost SEO (6Jan2015)

To generate more organic traffic for Broadbandhk.com, Broadbandhk has to implement some strategies. Given the nature of the Broadband Broking Business, Broadbandhk handles 30-50 calls per day in which 3-4 cases per day can be completed.



Customers who are searching for Broadband related information are searching for

  • Location
  • Speed Available
  • Price (Yes, Chinese Consumers are ultra price sensitive)

So I suggested Broadbandhk.com to use these data to compile a series of blogposts, so that for each case, a blogpost will be created. The search engine will automatically index these details of the post.I will use the following case as an example. 

香港寬頻 商業寬頻服務 - 荃灣金熊工業大廈 (C20150105J) - 寬頻報價王 Broadband HK


This is a case of business broadband service in Tsuen Wan. The Address, Service Provider, Speed and Price will be indexed into the search engine, so next time someone searches for “荃灣金熊工業中心"and "寬頻". It is very likely the site will pop up.

金熊工業中心 寬頻 - Google 搜尋

Any SEO expert and GURU will tell you to implement very complicated strategies. However, a knowledge of the industry is the most important part of SEO.0




Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.

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