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Dear Owner,

My name is Conrad Ko. While I was browsing your site, I figured I could give you some suggestions, especially in Hong Kong.

First of all, please provide a Chinese Version of the Site, since most locals are not competent in English, they will have difficulties understanding your site and thus fail to make a purchase. If they speak good English, you are out of business.

Locals in Hong Kong are very reluctant to shop online. To gain their trust, I suggest you should register a Local Phone Number (Starts with a 2). Since most Chinese rely on the telephone for formal business contact, it’s also used as a means to test whether the business is “legit” or “alive”. Let me repeat, register a telephone line that starts with a 2. 2 is of strategic importance because they are the first telephone numbers provided in Hong Kong. Customers will assume your business to be proper if you have a 2.

You should also consider registering a local business address, Customer will have more trust in your business if your business is offline. Chinese prefer offline businesses over online businesses any day,  even if you are not planning on meeting your customers personally. Having an address on the site can only help. “By reservation” is commonly used to deter walk in customers.

Hook up with Recruiters/headhunters, it would be nice if you could provide a service to refer your customers  to recruiters directly, if properly done, they will value your service more than as “Just another CV Writer”.

If you need a database of Head Hunters, you can contact me at wyk747@gmail.com

I am an examination consultant, I assist students in preparing their HKSI and IIQE exams in Hong Kong. You can refer needy candidates to me. If this was properly done, they would value  in my works, you can visit

Conrad Ko


Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.

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