The Hong Kong Screenwriters’ Circle (3Jan2015)

(Written by Conrad Ko, Edited by Margaret Javis)

Name: The Hong Kong Screenwriters’ Circle

Venue: Caffe Habitu at Hutchison House

Date: 3/1/2015 15:30-17:00

Origin: Meetup

URL: http://www.meetup.com/Hong-Kong-Filmmakers/

The Hong Kong Screenwriters' Circle (Hong Kong) - Meetup


The Hong Kong Screenwriters’ Circle meetup was basically a bunch of people gathering to share their stories and scripts. To my surprise, most of the participants came unprepared, there wasn’t much in the way of bonding, and the synergy was rather weak. There were not enough materials presented, only a minimum amount of debate happening, and no major kind of contribution made. In fact, people were rather shy. I am hoping the next meetup will be more intriguing – I can probably submit some work with my “pick your own adventure” and share it with the group.



Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.

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