Advice to Algorithmic Trading Group (3Jan2015)

Dear Tom Voute,
This is Conrad Ko who spoke to you on Telegram.
Basically I am an examination consultant who prepare locals for financial regulatory exams in Hong Kong.
Opportunity 1
Some of my students would like to pursue a career with trading (prop) and asset management roles. Yet unfortunately they are not from an Ivey league school.
So I was trying to reach out and look for opportunities for them.
The are hungry but they don’t know how to hunt and network with courage. They will be willing to work for free, but I believe some form of funneling is necessary to yield the cream of the crops.
Therefore, please let me know what kind of individuals you are looking for, in terms of
  • academic abilities
  • programming skills
  • background
  • experience
  • an existing trading model or idea

Let me know so, I might be able to match you up with a few candidates only if they are capable. A lot of them are willing to work for free, but the most important part is their competencies.

Opportunity 2

On top of that, I have met some individuals who are seasoned traders but lack of skills to turn their ideas into models to testify and automate their trades.
If you know someone who can become a consultant to train and assist these individuals in building trading models, I believe its is also a very profitable business.
Intro and follow up
Let me give you a more thorough Intro about myself. I used to be a private banker and stock broker for BOCI and Haitong International. I did not met the quota and figured that sales position was not for me. So I started the exam prep business in 2013.
I am currently an unpaid adviser forwww.broadbandhk.com and a few other start ups. I do reach out to people in different industries regularly as a brain stimulation exercise and what I coined as “Hail Mary Approach” personal marketing. Thanks for letting me pick your brain with your sense of humor and sarcastic tone of voice.
Nice to meet you! You can reach me at +852 93475637 and wyk747@gmail.com. We could meet up next week if you have time.
Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.

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