“Paddington” – Calypso London in Christmas (2Jan2015)

(Written by Conrad Ko, Edited by Margaret Jarvis)


Score Card:

Unique Feature:

  • The first CG animated Paddington
  • Calypso Music in Christmas (Right Trinidad Music in London in Christmas)


“Paddington”  is the first feature film about the iconic bear. Paul King has done a wonderful job in letting kids enjoy the film without torturing adults. The plot is basically one of self reflection,  a self discovery process for Paddington and his guardian.

There’s nothing new in the plot or any fancy new computer graphics. However

I should note that the film use of music has been excellent, if they had used typical music as a an accompaniment, the movie will be very monotone or a pretentious repetitive piece. Yet its breakthrough in using South American Music (Calypso or Trinidad Music to be exact) is pivotal. It blends in so well, infusing the Peruvian Paddigton into London in no time.

One could also expect this piece to be an artistic impression of London, England. I guarantee you this will be one of the best looking cities in the movies. The selection of distinctively British items, habits and slang in the film also draw the audience into the scene very effectively.

To cut it short, Paddington’s story is as old as bricks are, but the clever use of music and the artistic portrayal of London wins my heart in this one. C+ Plot A+ Music and Scenes.

London is the Place for Me

This is the theme song of the movie, please check it out, simply brilliant!

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.

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