Advice to Sun On Tai Paper Co. Ltd. (2Jan2015)

Dear owner,

I am Conrad Ko.

I have some suggestions for you regarding your ad​advertisement on Yahoo.com.hk

Since I am an exam preparation service provider, I was conducting a search on Yahoo today with keywords “IIQE Past Paper” and “HKSI Past Paper”. Usually my competitor “Passhksi/Passiiqe” will show up but it seems your Ad, advertising Paper Products showed up which is completely irrelevant.

hksi past paper - 雅虎香港 搜尋結果

Upon more thorough tests, it appears to me that your advertisement on Yahoo shows up every time the word “paper” is included. In that case, your advertising dollars is wasted on irrelevant searches.

Because I am a business owner myself. I would kindly recommend you to talk to your advertising agent to avoid these kind of problems again.

Conrad Ko


Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko

Conrad Ko is an exam consultant, grassroot entrepreneur and growth hacker.

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