Who is Conrad Ko? What does he do?


Exam Consultant

In 2014, Conrad Ko founded Paradox Management Limited, a company dedicated to providing examination preparation essentials to exam takers in Hong Kong. As the name suggests, the job of an Examination Consultant is generally to prepare candidates for examinations in the shortest period of time. The objective of Conrad Ko is to prepare the exam candidates to obtain a pass, while saving them as much time as possible.

Growth Hacker for Boot Strappers


Since 2014, Conrad Ko has founded and taken up multiple advisory roles in promoting  boot-strapping for entrepreneurs. He co-founded broadbandhk.com, the fist independent broadband and mobile communications broker in Hong Kong. It was created with less than 10000 HKD in capital and are enjoying stable growth.

Ghost Writer


In 2013, Conrad Ko started a resume writing service www.fbirecruit.com targeting job seekers in Hong Kong. Since then, Conrad Ko has assisted over 100 individuals in acquiring jobs, promotions and other opportunities.


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